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Hip Replacement services offered in Mission, TX

When you have hip damage from arthritis or an injury that causes ongoing pain, affecting your ability to go about your daily routine, you might benefit from hip replacement surgery. At Restore Joints & Spine in Mission, Texas, Vaibhav “Van” Kanawade, MD, specializes in hip pain treatments, including hip replacement surgery. The orthopedic surgeon uses the most advanced tools and techniques to get the best possible outcomes. To find out more about hip replacement, call or schedule a consultation online today.

Hip Replacement Q & A

What is a hip replacement?

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure that removes the damaged parts of your hip, replacing them with prosthetic devices. The goal of hip replacement is to eliminate chronic, debilitating hip pain. 

Restore Joints & Spine specializes in hip replacement procedures, using the most advanced tools and techniques for the best outcomes. If you have ongoing hip pain that’s affecting your quality of life, schedule a consultation with its orthopaedic surgeon.

When do I need a hip replacement?

The orthopaedic surgeon at Restore Joints & Spine can help you decide when it’s time for hip replacement surgery. If you have damage to your hip joint from arthritis or some other injury like a hip fracture that causes ongoing pain and inflammation, then you might need a hip replacement.

Hip conditions Restore Joints & Spine might treat with hip replacement surgery include:

  • Osteoarthritis - wear-and-tear arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis - autoimmune arthritis
  • Hip fracture or another injury
  • Osteonecrosis - bone death from lack of blood flow

Restore Joints & Spine may try medical interventions before recommending hip replacement. If these interventions fail to improve your hip pain or your discomfort gets worse, then your orthopaedic surgeon proceeds with surgery.

What are the types of hip replacement surgery?

There are two types of hip replacement surgeries: total hip replacement and partial hip replacement. Your orthopaedic surgeon at Restore Joints & Spine determines which procedure is right for you based on the location of your joint damage.

Total hip replacement

During a total hip replacement, your surgeon removes both the ball (head of the femur) and socket (inside the pelvis) parts of your hip joint and replaces them with prosthetic pieces. 

Partial hip replacement 

For a partial hip replacement, your surgeon removes and replaces only the ball joint. 

What can I expect when recovering from a hip replacement?

Recovery following hip replacement varies. However, It’s important to follow your orthopaedic surgeon’s recovery guidelines for safe and fast healing.

During your recovery, your orthopaedic surgeon makes specific activity recommendations and refers you to physical therapy to reduce pain, promote healing, and get you back to your usual activities.

Most patients can get back to normal activities within three to six weeks after hip replacement surgery.

To find out more about hip replacement, call Restore Joints & Spine or schedule an appointment online today.