About Restore Joints & Spine

Orthopedic Surgeon in Mission, TX

Restore Joints & Spine provides highly skilled orthopaedic care in Mission, Texas, to patients ages 12 and up. Vaibhav Kanawade, MD, is an innovative orthopaedic surgeon, internationally recognized for his groundbreaking research in 3D joint replacement procedures.

Restore Joints & Spine treats a wide range of painful conditions, including the causes of back pain, knee pain, hip pain, and joint pain. The orthopaedic surgery practice focuses on joint preservation, providing treatments that help patients retain as much of their natural joint as possible.

Taking a multi-modal approach to care, the Restore Joints & Spine uses a wide range of medical and interventional treatments to reduce pain and restore joint and spine health, such as steroid injections and arthroscopic cartilage repair and transplantation.

In addition to these interventions, the orthopaedic surgeon at Restore Joints & Spine performs advanced surgical procedures to treat arthritis and severe joint pain, like hip replacement and knee replacement, and spine surgery. 

The surgeon uses advanced 3D surgical tools and technology to ensure the proper placement of the implant, improving surgical outcomes and a patient’s quality of life.

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